Experience the long and winding road I call my JOURNEY. Born in a beach resort town on the east coast, Virginia Beach, Virginia, I learned at a very early age that people from all ages, ethnicities, financial status, orientation and faith, regardless of differences, would congregate in one location because of their individual and collective love for something.  They are looking for memories, treasures, keepsakes and personal growth.  Life holds the unknown so one must take advantage of making the memories; not just for one generation but for many. As a youth, I understood the term Carpe Diem quite well.  I had to decide what I loved most and, although at the time it was not a tangible object, it was a feeling.  The power of the “WOW” factor.  I felt the freedom of choosing my path in life.  I knew I loved to design and create things; I had been doing so since high school.  Transforming spaces like an artist with a blank canvas.  I obtained my Event Management Certification from New York University and worked in catering, floral photography, wedding cakes, promotional ambassadorship and as a deejay.  Today I continue to educate myself through traveling.  I experience the cultural differences across the globe so that I can share my journey with my clients.  They can feel, see, hear, savor and become inspired on what MARTINEZ EVENTS has to offer.